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Property for Sale in St Tropez

St. Tropez is one of the most glamorous locations on the Cote d’Azur and one of the best places to stay in the world. Magic View offers access to some beautiful properties in this region. We also offer advice on all the aspects of real estate like financial, legal and technical matters. Magic View is simply your one stop shop for French real estate.

Located at a short distance from both Cannes and Nice, the lively town of St. Tropez is a playground of the rich and the famous. With its glorious sandy beaches, exquisite waterfront restaurants, buzzing markets that offer everything from spices to paintings, and a variety of bars and night clubs, St. Tropez attracts visitors from across the globe. If you are considering purchase of a holiday house in this region, we can help you out.

Summer is the busiest season at St. Tropez. It is the perfect time to relax at the beach, get a tan and explore tiny squares and chic fashion boutiques across the city. During this season the harbour is packed with ritzy yachts. At night the lit up yachts create a spectacular view. If you look across the sea, the view of majestic Manures Mountains is sure to mesmerize you. Magic View can offer access to stunning seafront properties that allow you to enjoy this view from the comfort of your home.

Why Purchase Property in St. Tropez?

There are many reasons for investing in a property at St. Tropez. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Having your own house here will allow you to visit the place as often as you like. You need not worry about the availability of hotel accommodation during the peak season. St. Tropez is within the driving distance of both Cannes and Nice. Having a property here will also provide easy access to these tourist hotspots.

While the cost of property in St. Tropez is high, its value is unlikely to reduce. On the contrary, the value of St. Tropez property is likely to increase with time. If you do not plan to reside here full time, you can rent it out and generate a significant amount of income. During peak seasons, when properties for rent are in high demand, you can get top dollars for your property. Whether you are looking for a home or an investment option, St. Tropez property is a great choice.

Why Use Magic View Services

The team at Magic View has many years of real estate experience and extensive knowledge of the French property market. The agency specializes in properties in and around Cannes. This includes property for sale in Grasse and St. Tropez. If you are searching for property for sale in St. Tropez, we can not only provide access to the perfect property, but also offer advice and assistance with property decisions.